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02:52 PM | Wed, 29 Jun 2016

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Airlift Is A Must Movie This Republic Day!

159 Days ago


Movie Review    

Akshay Kumar, Nimrit Kaur, Feryna Wazheir, Purab Kohli, Lena, Kumud Mishra and Prakash Belawadi

Director: Raja Krishna Menon


2 Hours 10 Minutes

Combined Ratings Of All The Critics:

Plot/Story: Akshay and Nimrit starrer movie “Airlift” is bound to make every Indian proud. Beautifully directed by Raja Krishna Menon, this tale of heroism deserves to be seen by everyone. Akshay Kumar returns back to the silver screen as businessman Ranjit Katiyal and we must say that this is one of his finest performances so far. Not like “Argo”, Airlift is an untold story of the Kuwait invasion.

The movie is based on the massive evacuation of the Indians living in Kuwait during the Iraq-Kuwait war that took place in 1990. A total of 1, 70,000 people were evacuated and transported back to Mumbai by 488 flights in coordination with Indian Airlines.

Ranjit katiyal is the richest Indian in Kuwait. He has everything a man can desire for: a loving wife (Nimrat Kaur), a pretty daughter and a huge business mansion. But, his life changes overnight when Kuwait is attacked by Iraqi soldiers. How he leaves his larger-than-life image to save the lives of 1, 70, 000 Indians who are annexed by Iraq, forms the crux of the story.

The movie is real and will keep you on the edge of the seats. Some songs are added forcefully which are not required at all. The supporting cast lifts up the storyline and on the whole the movie is applause worthy and deserves 4 stars.

IndiaToday- 4.5/5   

In all, Airlift is the story of unparalleled courage and unsung heroes. From unknown names in the Ministry of External Affairs in Delhi to people who had their Indianness rearing its head from within just when it was required, Airlift is un-miss-able. Go watch it. Read more...


There are hiccups -- like Kumar singing a Hindi song moments after refusing to listen to Hindi songs -- and the songs do indeed get in the way every single time they come on, but things are smoothened over by the solid character artists populating this film, from the surprisingly effective Purab Kohli to the ever-excellent Kumud Mishra to the businessmen who play Kumar's buddies to the fascinatingly helpless Feryna Wazheir, who plays a Kuwaiti woman hoping to make her escape with the Indians. Read more...

BollywoodLife- 3/5  

 There are several edge of the seat moments in Airlift that work, mainly because you are rooting and hoping that these people return home safe. The camera work capturing the barren landscapes paints a striking canvas. Read more...


To all those who look down upon Bollywood movies and snigger that they can never match up to the best of the West, the wait is over. AIRLIFT is here to make your cinematic spirits fly. Read more...


It may be Kaur’s second film after the delectable romance The Lunchbox, but she’s a scene stealer. Her outburst at the refugee camp as she argues with a snarky old man wailing about his situation is worth applauding. She plays a perfect foil to Kumar. Actor Purab Kohli, barring his fake beard, does a good job as a troubled young man in search of his wife. Read more...


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