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09:48 PM | Wed, 29 Jun 2016

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135 Days ago

Los Angeles: Actor Ben Stiller feels his life gets simpler as he gets older because now all he wants is to be "healthy and happy".

"That's life, life happens to you. I think as you get older, you just want to feel good about yourself. For me, as I get older, I think about my life and I feel it gets much simpler. I just want to be healthy and happy," Stiller said.

The "Zoolander 2" actor and his star wife Christine Taylor have spent a lot of time in Rome shooting the film, but their children -- Ella and Quinlin -- didn't spend the whole shoot in Europe as the couple felt it important not to disrupt their education, especially as Ella recently started High School.

He said: "On this one, they went back and forth to Rome. My kids are in school in New York and, as much as I imagine it would be great for us all to move to Italy for six months, the reality is I have a daughter who has just started a new school.

"For her, it would have been harder to have had to make new friends for just a few months. So, we figured out a balance - a really important thing because it's family - and ended up making a lot of trips backwards and forwards. (IANS)

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