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11:49 AM | Sun, 26 Jun 2016

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Emma Watson's hate story with eyebrows

121 Days ago

London: Actress Emma Watson has admitted that she used to hate her 'strong eyebrows', adding that she learnt to embrace her insecurities gradually.

The 25-year-old opened up about her struggle with insecurities on Wednesday as she interviewed feminist Gloria Steinem at Emmanuel Centre here, reports

"I used to hate that I had strong eyebrows. As a nine-year-old I desperately wanted to pluck them and make them two thin lines," Watson said.

"The Perks of Being a Wallflower" star added that "you come to embrace these things. My mother desperately tried to tell me that they gave my face character, don't be ashamed".

Watson also reflected on her breakthrough appearance playing Hermione Granger in the "Harry Potter" films as she interviewed Steinem, who has published her book "My Life On The Road", for a special event held by the How To Academy.

She said: "I feel as though I spent a long time trying to pretend I was not like Hermione. And, of course, I was rather like Hermione. I've finally come to accept the fact. (IANS)

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