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08:19 PM | Thu, 26 May 2016

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Haryana NRIs in Canada fear reservation violence will deter investment in state

88 Days ago

Toronto: Pained by the large-scale violence in Haryana during the Jat reservation agitation, the NRIs of Haryana origin in Canada fear it will impact investment in the state. They have appealed to people to maintain the age-old brotherhood among 36 biradaris of the state.

In a statement here today, the Overseas Association of Haryanvis in Canada said, "We, the NRIs of Haryana origin, would like to appeal to our brothers and sisters to support centuries-old brotherhood among 36 biradaris in the larger interest of Haryana and the nation. "

The statement said the large-scale violence has affected the image of Haryanvis, Haryana and India. This will have "a significant impact on potential investments in Haryana."

The Overseas Association of Haryanvis said the agitation has not helped the common man of the state. On the contrary, it said, "will create more unemployment and increase poverty in an otherwise prosperous state."

The Haryanvi NRI body said the reservation agitation "provided an opportunity for anti-social and anti-national elements to create anarchy in the state."

Pleading with the khaps, it urged them to help restore "brotherhood that has existed through the centuries" in Haryana.

"We hope that our Haryanvi brothers and sisters will understad our pain and help restore peace and brotherhood in our beloved and progressive Haryana," the Overseas Association of Haryanvis in Canada said.

(Grmukh Singh can be contacted at gurmukh100@gmail. (IANS)

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