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11:42 AM | Sun, 04 Dec 2016

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274 Days ago

jai gangajal 4316

Cast: Priyanka Chopra, Prakash Jha, Manav Kaul, Rahul Bhat, Murli Sharma
Director: Prakash Jha
Genre: Drama, Action
Duration: 2 Hours 29 Minutes
Average Combined Rating of All Critics:  2.5/5      

Prakash Jha after his critically acclaimed work “Gangajal” is returning to the same fold with “Ouantico” fame Priyanka Chopra as the principle cast for “Jai Gangajal”. Though it is very unusual not to see Ajay Devgn involved in any capacity with the film, projection of Priyanka in a similar character that Ajay played in “Gangajal” entails a different perspective to the highly popular plot. The expectations are humongous due to the benchmarks set by its predecessor. 
Abha Mathur (Priyanka Chopra) upon her appointment as the SP of Bankipur, finds herself in a system that anchors the irregularities that have been entrenched not only in the practices but also in the socio-political realm as well. Not only does she stand in the way of local goon Bablu Pandey (Manav Kaul) who also happens to be the local MLA, but she fights the system within with evils like B.N Singh (Prakash Jha) who turned a deaf ear to all misdeeds that were happing under his nose.
Though Priyanka Chopra is having a purple patch both nationally and internationally, “Jai Gangajal” will go down as one of the underwhelming projects despite the fact that she is the only bright spot among a horde of unmerited co-stars including Prakash Jha himself who only staged it to showcase his untenable aptitude for acting. 

Deccan Chronicle : 3/5       
Director Prakash Jha puts himself in front of the camera as a corrupt officer who wakes up to moral values too late in the day. He gives himself a last chance after a shocking incident turns an eye opener for him. However, there are few concerns about the film. Prakash is dealing with too many issues at the same time and that leads to the film losing steam at times. Also, one expects to see more of Priyanka and her cop role. However, the film then focuses on the personal self-discovery route of Prakash's character which was a little too stretched. Read More...

Mid Day : 3/5                      
In this sequel to his 2003 release, 'Gangaajal', Prakash Jha plays safe by sticking to what he knows best, exposing the ugly underbelly of the political scenario in Bihar. He does manage to spring a surprise, not by introducing anything exceptionally novel in the script, but by launching himself as an actor in the film. Jha plays a pivotal role of a corrupt police officer, Bhola Nath Singh aka B.N. Singh in this one. Read More...

Koimoi :  2/5                      
Prakash Jha’s Jai Gangaajal starts off well but soon turns into one of his regular films. It is like this film has no purpose except to glorify a female cop character. In doing that, Jha does nothing but make sure that his lady cop has ample of make up and her strands of hair made up in a bun tightly. She is expected to do nothing but crack some punchlines and take off her aviators every now and then. Read More...

Gulf News :  2/5                
Chopra, India’s rising cultural export who can do no wrong after her successful foray into the West, tries her best to elevate this police drama into an engaging film. But she’s no miracle worker nor is she a charismatic-but-questionably-talented Salman Khan who can spin gold out of straws by being cheeky. But what she can do exceptionally well is hit hard with a stick. The scenes in which she bludgeons a grimy goon, who attempts to sexually abuse a girl, packs a punch. Read More... 


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