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06:52 PM | Fri, 01 Jul 2016

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Kejriwal Seeks Public Opinion on Odd-Even Reimplementation

157 Days ago
| by The New Indian Express


NEW DELHI: Before jumping the gun and introducing second phase of the odd-even scheme in the national capital, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today came out with an elaborate plan to seek public opinion on the road-rationing experiment.The government has decided to invite public suggestions on a six-point questionnaire which will initially be sought through email, while a a phone line would be introduced in the longer run.The decision in this regard was taken at a meeting of all MLAs and concerned department officials, chaired by the Chief Minister.As per the plan, the AAP government has asked all MLAs to organise 'Jan Sabhas' in their respective constituencies from February 6 to 7 to seek people's suggestions on the implementation of second phase of the car-rationing scheme."We have decided to seek public opinion in a structural way and incorporate people's suggestions before implementing the second phase of the odd-even scheme which received an overwhelming response from the public earlier. Based on the feedback received by February 8, we will analyse and come up with a concrete plan," Kejriwal said at a presser here.Also Read: Delhi to Decide the Second Round of Odd-even"From tomorrow, we will issue advertisements asking the masses to email their suggestions to We also plan to introduce a phone line soon for the same purpose," he added.The Chief Minister said the six broad questions on which the government is seeking public responses include whether the scheme should be implemented again? If yes, when it should be done and for what duration, whether people will be encouraged to buy another car and whether the exemptions introduced earlier were up to the mark or need to be reconsidered?"We will give four options for possible dates for the second phase - February 14, March 1, April 1 or May 1.Similarly, for how many days the car-rationing scheme should be in place - 15 days, one month, 15 days every month or permanently," he said."There is a perception that people will resort to buying a second car if the scheme is put in place for a longer term. We want to know how many of them will use this option. Taking a cue from experience of foreign countries where 3 to 4 per centwere reported to adopt this practice, I think not many people will do this, but still we will take their suggestions," he said.Earlier in the day, Kejriwal had said that every MLA will organise meetings at the constituency level to decide the future course of the road rationing measure, that was enforced from January 1 to 15 in its pilot phase.Kejriwal had earlier declared that the scheme, aimed at curbing air pollution, will be brought back in an "improved form". Cars with odd and even number licence plates plied on alternate days during its fortnight-long implementation.


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