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06:31 PM | Mon, 27 Jun 2016

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Madhya Pradesh targets 97 lakh kg marigold flowers for Simhasth Kumbh

94 Days ago

Ujjain, March 25 (IANS) The Madhya Pradesh government has made special arrangements for making available adequate quantities of fruit, vegetables and flowers for the Simhasth Kumbh pilgrimage here, including a targeted supply of 97 lakh kg of marigold flowers.

The Simhasth Kumbh pilgrimage is to be held from April 22 to May 21 in Ujjain district of the state. It is expected to attract about five crore (50 million) people from across the country and abroad -- in one of the largest spiritual gatherings anywhere in the world.

Farmers in the state have, over a month ago, been given seeds of vegetable, flower and fruit crops to be cultivated over 2056 hectares of land, the horticultural department said.

Three varieties of marigold seeds have been distributed to be sown in 556 hectares of land with a targeted supply of 97 lakh kg of the flowers, said the department.

Seeds have also been distributed for cultivating vegetables over 1300 hectares and chilli peppers over 200 hectares, it said.

Turai (smooth Luffa) will be cultivated in 280 hectares, Karela (bitter melon) over 115 hectares, Lauki (bottle gourd) in 185 hectares, Kaddu (pumpkin) in 55 hectares, Bhindi (okra) in 415 hectares, water melons in 110 hectares and and tomatoes over 140 hectares. (IANS)

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