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07:43 AM | Mon, 27 Jun 2016

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Toshiba Adds to Line-up of DMOS FET Transistor Arrays with 1.5A Sink-Output Driver

89 Days ago

Business Wire India

Toshiba Corporation's (TOKYO:6502) Semiconductor & Storage Products Company today announced the addition of new packages to its line-up of new-generation highly efficient transistor arrays, the “TBD62064A series” and “TBD62308A series” with DMOS FET[1] type sink- output[2] driver, that have found wide application, including in motor and relay drives.
The new products, “TBD62064AFAG” and “TBD62308AFAG” are packaged in “SSOP24” surface-mount type, standard packages. Mass production starts today.


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Toshiba:DMOS FET transistor arrays "TBD62064AFAG" with 1.5A sink-output driver. (Photo: Business Wir ...

Toshiba:DMOS FET transistor arrays "TBD62064AFAG" with 1.5A sink-output driver. (Photo: Business Wire)

Following some reports from customers, Toshiba analyzed handling of the HSOP type surface-mount packages that it uses in its in-line packages, and has found that there can be difficulties with the flow of solder to the heat radiating fins during board mounting. In response, Toshiba has developed an SSOP type package with the same heat dissipation performance as the HSOP package. The SSOP has standard 1mm-pitch pins without the heat radiating fins, and achieves easy board mounting.


The new products are equipped with 4 channels of 50V/1.5A rated output, suitable for driving constant voltage unipolar stepping motors.


Toshiba adopted DMOS FET output drivers for its new products to secure the high efficiency customer requires to reduce power loss—DMOS FET do not require a base current, and can accept high current density per device area, keeping on-resistance low.


Main Features of New Products

  1. High efficiency drive
    "TBD62xxxA series" transistor arrays cut power loss by about 38%[3] compared with the "TD62xxxA series".
  2. High-voltage, large-current drive
    The absolute maximum rating of the output is 50V/1.5A.
  3. Packages to suit various needs.
    The line-up includes DIP packages, where there is strong demand from the hobby goods, amusement and industrial equipment fields, and SSOP/HSOP packages that support high current (1.5A) drives and surface mounting



Amusement equipment (pachinko and slot machines), home appliances (air conditioners and refrigerators) and industrial equipment (vending machines, banking terminals such as ATMs, office automation equipment, and factory automation equipment)


Comparison with in-line product


In-line product


New-generation product


New-generation product

Output block device   Bipolar transistor   DMOS FET   DMOS FET
Wafer manufacturing technology   Bipolar process   BiCD process
Future standard technology
  BiCD process
Future standard technology
Package   FG type : HSOP16
PG type : DIP16
  FG type : HSOP16
PG type : DIP16
Pin assignment   Same pin assignment   New
Function   Same function   Same function
  • Absolute Maximum Ratings: Output current 1.5A / output voltage 50V (Same characteristics)
  • Input current of the new-generation products is lower, because base current is unnecessary.
  • Output voltage of the new-generation products necessary for the drive of the output current is lower than TD62xxxA series, because of the suppression of the on-resistance.
  • The package is standard 1mm- pitch type without heat radiating fins, suitable for board mounting.

Product line-up

Product name   Output
  Output   Common  


  Package   Mass
in-line product
TBD62064A   FG   Sink output   4ch   50V
  Built-in   2.5V to 25V   HSOP16   March 2016   TD62064AFG
  PG             DIP16     TD62064APG
  FAG             SSOP24     -
TBD62308A   FG   Sink output   4ch   50V
  Built-in   0V to Vcc-3.5V   HSOP16   March 2016   TD62308AFG
  PG             DIP16     TD62308APG
  FAG             SSOP24     -

[1] DMOS FET: Double-Diffused MOSFET
[2] Sink output: a type of current output (Pull type).
[3] In the condition of Tj=90oC and IOUT is 1.25A.


For further information about this product, please visit:


Customer Inquiries
Mixed Signal IC Sales and Marketing Department
Tel: +81-44-548-2826


*Information in this document, including product prices and specifications, content of services and contact information, is current on the date of the announcement but is subject to change without prior notice.


About Toshiba


Toshiba Corporation, a Fortune Global 500 company, channels world-class capabilities in advanced electronic and electrical product and systems into five strategic business domains: Energy & Infrastructure, Community Solutions, Healthcare Systems & Services, Electronic Devices & Components, and Lifestyles Products & Services. Guided by the principles of The Basic Commitment of the Toshiba Group, “Committed to People, Committed to the Future”, Toshiba promotes global operations and is contributing to the realization of a world where generations to come can live better lives.


Founded in Tokyo in 1875, today’s Toshiba is at the heart of a global network of over 580 consolidated companies employing 199,000 people worldwide, with annual sales surpassing 6.6 trillion yen (US$55 billion).
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