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09:25 PM | Sat, 25 Jun 2016

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Robotic Surgeons Council of India (RSC) Scholarship Winner: Dr. Ankur Jhanwar

126 Days ago


Robotic Surgeons Council of India (RSC) Scholarship Winner: Dr. Ankur Jhanwar

The Vattikuti Foundation’s Robotic Surgeons Council of India (RSC) Scholarship is an initiative to spread robotic surgery and to give a platform to the experienced surgeons. C.E.O of the Vattikuti Foundation, Dr. Mahendra Bhandari’s tireless efforts led to the formation of RSC and scholarships.

Today’s scholarship winner, Dr. Ankur Jhanwar is highly indulged and fascinated in field of Medicine which is clearly evident when he says, "I am a clinically oriented and focused person who wants to excel in this medical profession. I am particularly inclined towards robotics as it is fascinating both to the surgeon as well as the patients." Jhanwar adds his most poignant thought: "I believe in helping poor and needful patients in every possible way."

The excited scholar further says, "Thanks to the Vattikutti Foundation that started the Robotic Surgeons Council meetings which have become a good platform for the young surgeons like me to learn and observe the robotic surgeries.” Dr Jhanvar is looking forward to the Robotic Surgeons Council of India meetings in April at the Indraprastha Apollo Hospital Delhi, “It will be definitely beneficial to the Residents who can attend this.  I want to grab this wonderful opportunity. I shall be highly obliged."

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