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10:58 AM | Wed, 29 Jun 2016

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94 Days ago

London, March 26 (IANS) Exploring new pose for selfies? Thighbrows and duckface poses are things of the past. The new Tyrannosaurus rex (T.rex) hands pose is the latest trend, the media reported on Thursday.

The selfie got its name because "if you zoom out and do it to both hands, you look kind of like a T-Rex", explained Huda Kattan, Instagram celeb and beauty blogger, who started the trend and coined the term, reported

"Yes I made up T Rex hands," said Kattan on Instagram.

The a bizarre new craze involves artfully holding the hands near the face, placed on the chin or on the hair, or even on the head with gently curled fingers.

If you employ strategic hand placement, you can use your T-Rex claw to accentuate specific parts of your face.

"The funny thing about T Rex hands is it looks amazing. Something just looks really elegant about your hands when it's bent that way. You can put it on your chin, on your hair, you can even put it on your forehead and it looks good everywhere," she added.

T.rex -- theropod dinosaur -- hand pose has taken the selfie crazed celebrity world by storm and is present all over the Instagram feed. (IANS)

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