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08:37 AM | Mon, 30 May 2016

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Three suspected terrorists arrested in Greece

105 Days ago

Athens: Three suspected terrorists of Iraqi origin and holders of British passports were arrested in northern Greece near the border crossing with Turkey, the Greek authorities announced on Sunday.

The accused were arrested for illegal possession of a large number of firearms and ammunition as suspects for participating in a criminal organisation and terrorism acts, the authorities said.

Following exchange of information with other European authorities on their identities, Greek authorities believe that they are Iraqi Kurds who intended to sell the guns and ammunition in northern Iraq, Greek national news agency AMNA reported, citing Greek national intelligence sources.

The first two suspects, aged 35 and 36, were detained on Saturday after Coast Guard officers discovered 18 firearms and about 40,000 bullets in their car at the port of Alexandroupolis, Xinhua news agency reported.

The third suspect, 40, was arrested near the customs office at the border with Turkey when police found four firearms and about 200,000 bullets in his trailer.

The three suspects have no previous criminal records, stayed in a hotel in Alexandroupolis for eight days and were delivering the load from Germany or Austria to the Turkish-Iraqi borders, according to Greek police sources.

They will be brought before a local prosecutor to be formally charged with participation in a criminal organisation, terrorist activities, illegal possession and transferring of guns. (IANS)

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