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02:50 AM | Sun, 26 Jun 2016

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Two ostracised in Rajasthan for opposing tree felling

146 Days ago


Jaipur: Two people have been ostracised by a Rajasthan caste panchayat for opposing the felling of trees in Udaipur district'sBichawada village.

The panchayat imposed a fine of Rs.45,000 on Onad Singh for his opposition to felling trees and directed his cousin Narain Singh, who tried to defend him at the panchayat, to pay Rs.21,000 as fine.

The panchayat also ordered the villagers to socially boycott them after they refused to pay the fine.

"I saw some people cutting trees in a government school in Bichawada on January 10. I opposed it. On January 17, caste panchayat unexpectedly summoned me and directed me to pay Rs.45,000 for raising the issue" Onad Singh told IANS.

"My cousin opposed them. So, they imposed a fine of Rs.21,000 on him also. When we refused to pay the fine, the panchayat directed villagers to boycott of us socially," he added.

Onad Singh said, " have also filed a case regarding this at the police station.

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