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10:41 PM | Sun, 26 Jun 2016

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When Elton John worked in a record shop

151 Days ago

London, June 27 (IANS) British singing legend Elton John didn't mind working behind the counter of a music store when he had begun his career because he loved being around everything to do with music.

Back then, the "Candle in the wind" singer was already making music of his own but enjoyed spending his weekends serving customers at a store here, reports

"In 1970, 71, there was a music store called Music Land on Berwick Street in London which my friend worked in, which imported records.

"Every Saturday, if I wasn't working, I'd go and work behind the counter and I loved it because I was just fascinated with what people bought and I loved being around 45s, EPs, cassettes, four-tracks, whatever, as long as it's music," said the Oscar and Grammy Award winning talent. (IANS)

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