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5 arrested for bid to burn woman alive on suspicion of witchcraft in Jharkhand


RANCHI: People of a village near Simdega brutally thrashed an elderly woman, pushed her on a stack of straw, and torched it after pouring kerosene. Later, the woman was rescued by other villagers who reached the spot after hearing the noise.

This incident took place on Wednesday evening at Kudpani village under Thethaitangar Police Station, where the woman, identified as Jhariyo Devi, was first invited for a feast organized after the death of the wife of one Florence Dungdung. However, Jhariyo Devi was held responsible for the death after she reached for the feast.

“My mother-in-law and father-in-law were invited to attend the feast organized after the death of Florence Dungdung's wife. When she reached the place for the feast, she was thrashed badly after being held responsible for the death of his wife saying that she was practising black magic.

"When my mother-in-law opposed them, around 8-10 people threw her on the stack of straw and put her on fire,” said the daughter-in-law of Jhariyo Devi. After hearing the noise, her husband and other villagers reached there and rescued the elderly woman after extinguishing the fire, she added.

“My mother-in-law got burnt badly in the incident. She has been hospitalised in Simdega and is struggling for her life.” 

Meanwhile, five persons involved in the case have been arrested by the police. “We have arrested five accused persons – Florence Dungdung, Silbius Dungdung, Ravi Soreng, Hemant Tete, and Jyoti Tete,” said Officer-in-Charge of Thethaitangar Police Station Indresh Kumar.

Simdega Civil Surgeon Pramod Kumar Sinha said as treatment of patients with burn injuries is not done in Simdega, she will be referred to Ranchi.

In a similar incident on January 4, a 32-year youth Sanju Pradhan was thrashed brutally and burnt alive in broad daylight in presence of police at Koilkera in Simdega, allegedly for cutting trees illegally and selling them to the market, which actually is a violation of ‘Khuntkatti’ laws.


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