After India's bold move on J&K, Pakistan resorts to canards & falsehoods


After India's bold move on Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistani establishment is desperate. It's agencies are in a state of shock and have resorted to canards and falsehoods against India.

A shell-shocked Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan even went on to the extent of announcing unilateral measures in contravention of established norms.

Moving frantically, Pakistan PM rang up many world leaders . What it received was only a cold shoulder given its history of aiding and abetting terrorism. It was advised to enter into a dialogue with India and not to escalate the tension in the region.

Pakistan’s announcement of downgrading diplomatic ties and closure of bilateral trade with India is, simply, self-defeatism. On the face of it, the move makes little sense as Pakistan is being looked upon by international community as a terror sponsoring country and is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Pakistan is also facing a threat of black listing by FATF. On the trade front, India had revoked Pakistan’s MFN status long back.

Senior officials from the Government of India have time and again made it clear that any attempt by Pakistan for more intrusions across the LOC will be dealt with heavily by Indian security forces.

Whether it is out of ignorance or simply the outcome of a self-serving interpretation of what has happened, the Pakistani establishment had suffered a complete meltdown. (AIR NEWS)