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Animation film 'Reena ki Kahani' set for release on Human Rights Day


CHENNAI: An animated film on human trafficking, Reena ki Kahani, is all set for release on December 10, which happens to be Human Rights Day. Shred Shreedar, producer and director of In Our World, brings the real-life story of Reena, in a nine-and-a-half-minute film focusing on the agents of human trafficking lurking amongst us.

The film, according to a report, traces the life of Reena being a girl with dreams to her entrapment into the flesh trade and subsequent rescue. The film's locus is at the vulnerabilities like false promises, lures of a better life, and targeting girls from weaker sections of society who dream of a brighter future. The conniving ploys used to prey on possible victims and earn a livelihood through these criminal deeds are exposed through the film. 

“What better day to highlight this reassuring story of courage and human grit in the face of a brutal violation of human rights and spirit? Nothing celebrates Human Rights Day as the rise and triumph of the human spirit in Reena’s story”, Shred Shreedhar reportedly about his film releasing on Human Rights Day.

“I hope that with this film, a heinous crime like human trafficking gets talked about more in the mainstream media. We have films on various social issues. Human trafficking for the sex trade, bonded labour, and slavery is a billion-dollar industry that gets lost in the news items. More importantly, people need to be aware on how to identify vulnerabilities and threats,” added Shreedhar.

The film is made by Shreedhar’s studio Shred Creative Lab in collaboration with Vihaan, an anti-human trafficking NGO.



245 Days ago