ASI condemns 'The Lancet's editorial on Kashmir


Association of Surgeons of India (ASI) has condemned the British Medical Journal 'The Lancet's editorial on Kashmir and asserted that it was factually incorrect and prejudiced.

ASI has demanded an apology from its Editorial Board and withdrawal of its on-line version.

The current President of ASI Arvind Kumar and President-elect Raghu Ram, in a letter written to the Editor-in-Chief of the Lancet Richard Horton, has underlined that the contents of the editorial are factually incorrect, politically motivated, prejudiced, unsubstantiated and downright racist.

The Association questioned the journal's stand on an issue where neither the author nor the Editorial board of Lancet have an insight on the background and circumstances that led the Narendra Modi Government to take the bold decision to revoke Article 370.

ASI said, Kashmir is an integral part of India and Lancet has no business to comment on a political issue and a political decision that concerns an internal matter concerning the Republic of India.

The Editorial is totally out of context and has been written in bad taste, which has hurt the feelings of billions of Indians living the world over, it added. (AIR NEWS)

191 Days ago

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