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Does sneeze or cough mean COVID-19? Paranoia grips callers, say helpline workers


CHENNAI: "Am I COVID-19 infected if I sneeze?", "Can I consume meat in view of the virus outbreak?" -- these are some of the queries landing at a government helpline, seeking expert advice on the viral infection and dietary issues amidst the spread of the deadly contagion.

More than their daily dose of essentials or apprehension of when the lockdown will be eased, a sneeze or cough seems to bother many.

Afraid of contracting the disease, the callers to the 104 government helpline seek clarification if sneeze or cough could mean the government as a precaution to focus on the fight mostly against the pandemic, people exercise the option of the helpline.

"People become so anxious that they fail to realise that common sneezing is caused by allergy. We explain the symptoms (of c


310 Days ago

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