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Gehlot projects 'All Is Well' despite uncertainty over Rajasthan CM Post


JAIPUR: While there is much doubt on whether he will continue as Chief Minister, Ashok Gehlot is making every effort to project that 'All Is Well ' and things are quite normal in Rajasthan. After returning from Delhi, he was in Bikaner Division on Saturday for events connected to rural Olympics in the state.

Meanwhile, the verbal war between the Gehlot and Sachin Pilot factions has also subsided in the past two days after the AICC issued a stern advisory. Both camps are now following a ‘wait and watch’ policy and waiting for the next move of the High Command.

In the midst of the political turmoil in Congress since the storm last Sunday, discussions on a change of leadership in the state are continuing in full swing. In this era of crisis, the Chief Minister's visit to Bikaner is in the discussion.

CM Gehlot on his tour of the Bikaner division looked confident and said that the Congress government will complete its full tenure of five years, and "the last budget of the government will be completely dedicated to the youth."

Last Sunday, the CLP meeting called for the selection of a new Chief Minister who was boycotted by MLAs supporting Gehlot.  Among the three conditions that were put in front of the observers sent by AICC, they also included the condition that CM Gehlot should not be changed till the next budget. Due to these conditions, the observers sent by the AICC had to be returned.

After apologising to Sonia Gandhi in Delhi on Thursday, CM Gehlot participated in rural Olympics in Bikaner, Hanumangarh and Ganganagar districts on Saturday. During this trip, ministers BD Kalla, Bhanwar Singh Bhati and Lalchand Kataria were present with the CM.

With CM Gehlot out of the race for the next National President of Congress, he reiterated that he will never be far from Rajasthan. He asserted that he hails from the Marwar region of Rajasthan and is not going anywhere from here. To express his rising confidence, CM Gehlot has also restarted his attacks on BJP which he has been doing even before Sunday's incident. He also accused the BJP of trying to topple his government through horse-trading and praised Rahul Gandhi. CM Gehlot also said that BJP's plans will never be successful during his stay.

"The Modi government at the Center has done the work of dividing the people in the country, but the Bharat Jodo Yatra of Rahul Gandhi will unite the country in a strong thread of unity. The BJP is frustrated by the huge public support for Rahul Gandhi’s Yatra," claimed Gehlot.

Sources claim that CM Gehlot has offered to resign during his meeting with Sonia Gandhi and some say that AICC observers may be sent soon to Jaipur again to search for a new Chief Minister in place of Gehlot. In case there is a consensus on the name of the new chief minister, Gehlot may be asked to submit his resignation to the governor. 

Gehlot's attempts to save his Chief ministerial chair are still going on . However, his inclusion among the proposers for Mallikarjun Kharge, considered to be the candidate of the Gandhi family for the post of National President, is being seen as a sign that Gehlot may be pardoned for the revolt by MLAS last Sunday.

For the time being, CM Gehlot's statements and body language seem to be much better than what was obvious after his meeting with Sonia Gandhi in Delhi on 29 September. After his public apology, it seems the crisis of the Congress in Rajasthan has subsided at the moment and the CM may continue in his post for some time.

Experts believe that the change may not happen suddenly as the Congress leadership is not in a position to do much in Rajasthan or impose their will on Ashok Gehlot very easily at the moment. If Congress's high command forcefully changes the leadership, without Gehlot's consent, it may become difficult to save the government in the state.

And after going to Delhi and submitting his apology, he has got time for himself. Secondly, he will remain in the post till the high command is in a position to locate his replacement in the state. Due to the opposition of the MLAs against Sachin Pilot, if a third person is made CM, then the purpose of the Congress High Command does not get solved. Also, it may not even guarantee that the ruling Congress will be able to run the government in the election year. 

So while the Gandhi family may not want to see Gehlot on the CM's chair for long, they do not have any easy options – and all this may help CM Gehlot to continue for a while. (AIR NEWS)

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