Heavey snow fall in Karnah Subdivision J&K and lose lives.

By CJ Rayaz Ahmad


Heavey snow fall in Karnah Subdivision is going on since 3 Jan 2019 about 4 to 5 inch snow is accumulated . The snow has disrupted the life very badly in the area leading to blockage of karnah kupwara national high way. An old women from teetwal karnah namely Taj begum has been died due to hart attack when her vechile get traped in snow at khoni Nalah near Sadhna Top a midway high altitude pass between karnah and kupwara. Electricity is also badly effected in the area, electric lines and poles has been damaged due to witch whole area is in complete dark. People of karnah sub division demand electrical towers for power line to connect karnah grid station to kupwara power circle to avoid future disruption people also demand Tunnel between karnah and kupwara their demand is to immediately start the work on already proposed Tunnel. They also demand helicopter service for the area. An other ancident five people belonging to karnah died at Bimena srinager due to Gas leakage last night when they were in dee, now the problem is that how their dead bodies can be shifted to karnah when there is no means to shift them from Srinager to karnah.

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