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India may beat US in cardiac deaths by 2030


BENGALURU: A Lancet study has projected that 75% of the deaths in India will be caused by non-communicable diseases, and deaths due to cardiac issues will be more than those in the US, China or Russia by 2030. Reflecting on the study, health experts have cautioned stringent measures to be taken to avoid such a situation. Dr CS Hiremath, secretary, Indian Association of Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgeons (IACTS), said India will be leading in major heart diseases in the coming years, and attributed it to the sedentary lifestyles of the people.

He blamed increasing consumption of junk food, binge eating under stress, hypertension, smoking, lack of exercise, and resulting obesity for the rising number of cardiovascular problems among Indians.

On the flip-side, he especially warned the youth against indulging in rigorous gym exercises and consuming muscle-building supplements without proper medical guidance. He also suggested that people above the age of 40 go for regular health checkups.

Dr Karan Karekar, cardiologist, KC General Hospital, said heart issues are the leading cause of death in India followed by cancer. He explained that in recent years the number of younger people (aged between 20 and 40) facing heart issues has increased proportionately, and also attributed it to stress, dietary habits, poor mental health, obesity. He singled out stress as the major factor, which was often ignored.

He pointed out that in all Indian metropolitan cities, cases were found to be higher due to the proportionately larger migrant population with stress becoming a leading factor in the increased number of heart diseases.

Mental health aspects also increased with work-from-home emerging as the dominant work mode, resulting in increased work hours accompanied by increased work pressures and stress, Dr Karekar explained.  (THE NEW INDIAN EXPRESS)

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