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India-Pakistan T20 World Cup match against national interest: Ramdev


NAGPUR: Yoga guru Ramdev on Saturday said the India-Pakistan T20 World Cup match scheduled for Sunday is against the national interest and "Rashtradharma" as the "game of cricket and the game of terror cannot be played at the same time".

Speaking to reporters at the Nagpur airport, Ramdev said the addiction of drugs in Bollywood is very dangerous for the younger generation of India.

"The way drug addiction is glamorised and the celebrities who are regarded as role models, ideals or icons by the people are seen involved in this conspiracy is a wrong inspiration to the people," the Yoga guru said, adding that the film industry should clear this mess.

When asked about Sunday's India-Pakistan cricket tie amid tensions on the LOC, Ramdev said, " I feel that the cricket match under such a situation is against 'Rashtradharma ' and not in the interest of the nation.

The game of cricket and the game of terror cannot be played at the same time". Queried on his statement that repatriation of black money will reduce fuel prices, Ramdev said he had suggested that the price of petrol should be in line with the prices of crude oil and proposed lower taxation.

"The government has to continue with welfare programmes of the national interest and it has to also handle various financial challenges. Because of these factors, the government is not able to reduce taxes. However, someday this dream will come true," he said.


36 Days ago