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Kejriwal leaves NDMC meet after being quizzed on schools


NEW DELHI: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday walked out of the council meeting convened by the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) after members questioned his contribution to the schools falling under his constituency, according to the council leaders. NDMC Vice-Chairman Satish Upadhyay said that Kejriwal left the meeting midway, where many important decisions in the interest of the public were approved in his absence. 

“When the CM was asked a question by council member Kuljeet Chahal, referring to an RTI regarding the budget spent on NDMC schools from his MLA fund, the CM remained silent for a few minutes 
and then walked out without giving any answer. It’s not responsible behaviour by the CM,” he said.

A video released by Chahal showed Kejriwal leaving the ongoing meeting while the council member was asking him questions based on an RTI. Chahal said his queries were based on an RTI he had filed to check the contribution Kejriwal made to NDMC schools in his constituency. 

“It’s zero,” he said.

According to the responses of the RTI, Kejriwal did not visit a single school (NDMC) since 2015, after he was elected CM. It also stated that he never had any interaction with the students, parents, or teachers of the schools in his constituency.

Besides, the Delhi CM also did not contribute to the development of the NDMC schools in his constituency from his MLA LAD fund so far, according to the RTI. “Kejriwal keeps promoting his Delhi model of education. However, when we showed him the reality that he did not contribute to the school education in his own constituency, the Delhi CM ran away as he had no answer to justify the bluff called the Delhi education model,” Chahal said.

Responses were sought from the Delhi government but were not shared till the story was filed. The members also alleged that the Delhi CM, who is also part of the council, did not attend the full meeting even after skipping the last two.

“Earlier this year, Kejriwal remained absent for four meetings in a row and attended only after the fear of losing his membership as the remaining council members had planned a res olution to cancel his NDMC membership,” said Upadhyay.  (THE NEW INDIAN EXPRESS)

68 Days ago