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Ladakh Police comes into existence with separate identity, new symbols and insignia


In a historic development after the formation of Union Territory of Ladakh, separate Ladakh Police has came in existence from today.

Ladakh Inspector General of Police SS Khandare in an order said, from today onwards, the sign boards, police vehicles, letter heads, official stationeries, seals and other official items of UT Ladakh Police will be replaced by the word 'Ladakh Police' in capital letters.

As the Ladakh Police is formed, SS Khandare has set priorities for the police in the Union Territory Ladakh. Speaking to the AIR News, he said, keeping the flow of national and International tourists to the region, a special tourist wing of Ladakh Police will be formed shortly to cater the issues relating to the visitors.

A Superintendent of Police for Traffic will also be appointed soon with a priority on road safety by enhancing the traffic police presence, in the world famous tourism destination Ladakh.

SS Khandare said, as of now Ladakh has about 800 vacancies at different levels for recruitment. Speaking on infrastructure development for police, SS Khandare said, under the special development package for Ladakh by the Union Government, the Police department has enough funds for upgradation.

After separation from erstwhile Jammu & Kashmir Police, newly formed Ladakh Police will have its new symbols, insignia with separate identity. With the latest development the Ladakh Police will also have a separate formation sign and flag as well. Ladakh Lieutenant Governor RK Mathur has approved the new identity of Ladakh Police.

The UT Administration and Inspector General of Police are in the process of establishing the new identity of Ladakh Police. Ladakh IGP SS Khandare said, in a month time new identity marks will be prepared.

Formation Sign: In the backdrop of blood red color symbolizing sacrifice in golden border and ribbon, a snow leopard in motion.

Flap Pattern : Starting with the name of Ladakh as common practice with police forces across the country.

Logo: Ashoka with Satyameva Jayate, LP in symmetric design and Juniper leaves (incense offered on religious occasions) covering the Ashoka and LP. (AIR)

5 Days ago

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