Lok Sabha elections 2019: BJP's vote share in Haryana surges


Chandigarh: The BJP's stupendous performance in Haryana, where it swept ten seats, saw its vote share surge in comparison to the 2014 Lok Sabha polls.

As per the data made available by the Election Commission, the BJP's vote share in the 2019 polls was nearly 58.02 per cent as against Congress' 28.42 per cent.

The Indian National Lok Dal, which was decimated, had a vote share of 1.89 per cent. Among other parties, the AAP, which contested on three seats, had a vote share of 0.36 per cent while the share of the BSP, which fought eight seats, was 3.64 per cent.

Share of NOTA votes was 0.33 per cent. The BJP, which won seven of the eight Lok Sabha seats it contested in 2014, had managed to get a vote share of 34.7 per cent as compared to 17.21 per cent in 2009 when it failed to win any seat.

 In 2014, the Congress which was ruling the state at that time had lost eight of the nine seats it had won in 2009 and saw its vote share decline to 22.9 per cent as compared to 41.77 per cent in 2009.

The INLD, which had won two seats in 2014, had then increased its vote share to 24.4 per cent from 15.78 per cent in 2009 when it lost all the five seats it contested.

The AAP, which unsuccessfully contested all the 10 seats for the first time in 2014, had then got a vote share of 4.2 per cent. The BSP, which failed to win any seat in 2014, had registered a vote share of 4.6 per cent. (THE NEW INDIAN EXPRESS)

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