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Chaitra Navratri

Migrant Workers Walking 1000 kms

By CJ Gautam Dhar


A family of migrants walking from Gurgaon to Chattisgarh on foot really breaks your heart with children in their laps, luggage over their heads and walking in the scorching sun with no help from government. This family told us that the free train is not a reality and all their attempts to seek help from Haryana and Chattisgarh authorities failed. With money running out and no transport available, they're walking 1200 kms from Gurgaon to Chattisgarh with young women and children. Such is the apathy of authorities and the promises that haven't seen the light of day. Is this what our society has come to? Ironically, there are trains running to transport people which have mineral water and testing kits ready at stations, but for poor migrant workers, there is no train, no water and no testing. Their only solace are good samaritans and their feet. You can give them your cash and food as you speak to them but is that enough? The pride in their eyes is commendable that they refused to take money more than thrice before I forced them to accept it. If they're lucky to not collapse from exhaustion and avoid getting hit by a speeding car, they might reach their destination alive. And the government's show will go on..