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More than 15 lakh people returned to Bihar in 1,029 trains


PATNA: A total of 15,36,000 migrant labourers, students and others have returned to Bihar by 1,029 special trains so far. The highest number of migrant labourers have returned from Gujarat, Maharashtra and Delhi followed by other states in Sharamik Special trains. 

According to the transport secretary of Bihar, Sanjay Kumar Aggarwal, out of the total 1029 special trains that arrived in Bihar till May 25, the highest number of Sharmik special trains with migrant-labourers are from Gujarat at a whopping 200 passenger trains entering the state, followed by 130 trains from Maharashtra, 84 from Delhi, 48 trains from Karnataka, 52 trains from Haryana, 84 trains from Delhi, 200 trains from Gujarat, 71 trains from Punjab, 67 trains from Uttar Pradesh.

Aggarwal said that bringing migrant laborers and others from other states to Bihar is the first priority of the government.

"All the migrant workers who are willing to come to their home are being brought by special train and the state government is determined to provide employment to them according to their skills," he said, adding 1 to 2 special trains were started by the state government in the initial phase.

"About 395 more special trains are scheduled to come in this month.  In view of the convenience of migrant workers, trains are being stopped at almost all important stations in the districts. Not only this, 28 inter-district trains are also being operated by the state government," he said.

Quoting details, he said around 1,96,350 labourers and others arrived on Monday in 119 trains in which 17 Sharmik special trains came from  Maharashtra with 28,050 migrant workers, 21,450 from Delhi by 13 trains, 13,200 from Telangana by 8 trains, 9,905 from Rajasthan by 6 trains, 8,250 from Haryana by 5 train, 6,600 from Tamil Nadu by 4 trains, 49,500 from Gujarat by 30 trains and others.  

He said that the district-wise buses have been arranged from near the railway stations so that migrant workers and others do not face any difficulties in getting to their destination after getting off the train.

"Every day migrant laborers and other people are being transported from railway station to the district headquarters and block headquarters by 4500 buses.  

At the same time, 800 buses have been arranged at different borders of Bihar for workers coming from other states by foot or other vehicles as well," he said.    


43 Days ago

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