आपकी जीत में ही हमारी जीत है
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More than 50 feared killed in landslide at Myanmar jade mine


More than 50 people are feared killed in a landslide near a jade mine in Kachin province of Northern Myanmar. The landslide created a mud-lake which buried the sleeping miners as well as 40 vehicles. Ministry of Information of Myanmar confirmed that more than 50 people are missing and there is no hope of their survival in the accident.

Several fatal landslides have been caused by unregulated jade mining. In 2015, more than 100 people were killed in a mine collapse in this area. Jade mining is estimated to be worth more than 31 billion dollars. The illegal jade mining is a source of financing insurgency in the area situated on the border of Myanmar, China and India. (AIR NEWS)

404 Days ago

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