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Muzammil Rasool Returns Back To Training Session Floyd Pinto U19 India Coach

By CJ Kamran Yousuf


Muzammil Rasool will be  back in his element next week, joining on-field workouts for the first time since off season Leg surgery.

Muzammil had been itching to get back and participating in U-19 National Cup will put him farther ahead when training camp begins in late July.

“It feels great, it’s been what, December 18 (his surgery date),” Muzammil said. “Put the cleats back on again, but the halmet back on, got to fly around with my guys, not watch. I was anxious to get out here. I wanted to build chemistry with my guys. Great two days, finish up strong tomorrow.”

Muzammil expects to take on even more leadership after Surgery ’ defense will have a different look, Muzammil expects that look to be very good.

“In the ISL, these types of things happen,” Muzammil said. “It’s a business, so you have to be ready and prepared for all types of moves. The more you dwell on it, the more time you’re wasting. We’re all hurt, we love those guys dearly, like brothers like family. But from a football aspect, it’s time to move on. It’s time to prepare ourselves for the upcoming season.”

Muzammil believes that ' arrival as a true Defender fielder will free him up to play closer to the line of scrimmage more, creating havoc for opposing run games, attacking quarterbacks and shutting down the short and intermediate passing game.

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