PM Modi addresses IIM Kozhikode students through video conferencing


Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that openness, respect for different opinions, innovation is a natural process of thought of Indians.

Prime Minister said that at a juncture when the world is seeking to break free from mindless hate, violence, conflict, and terrorism, the Indian way of life offers rays of hope. He also maintained that the Indian way of conflict avoidance is not by brute force but by the power of dialogue.

Addressing students of IIM, Kozhikode through video conferencing, Prime Minister Modi said that even while most of the western countries took decades to give voting rights to women, the makers of our Constitution ensured women had voting rights from the very first day.

The Prime Minister also said that Indian thought has given a lot to the world and has the potential to contribute even more. He also said that Mahatma Gandhi championed these ideals of peace and this contributed to India’s freedom.

Mr. Modi emphasized on the core ideals of the Indian way of life as compassion, harmony, justice, service, and openness and said that these ideas have remained central to Indian values.

The Prime Minister also enunciated and lauded the measures through which the country is making a great mark in cutting down on carbon emission. He also made a special mention regarding the positive signs seen in the forest cover in the country and how measures to save tigers have started showing positive results. (INDIA ONLINE)

42 Days ago

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