PM Modi says coming five years is the time to regain lost position of India in world order


Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, the coming five years is the time to regain lost position of India in the world order. Addressing a public rally in Ahmedabad this evening, Mr Modi said, India will progress with everyone's cooperation.

The Prime Minister said, the big mandate brings big responsibilities and it is important to remain humble and grounded in the wake of such a massive win.

Mr Modi said, people had voted in record numbers first time after the Independence despite the scorching heat. Mr. Modi said that mandate of 2014 was ed on development of Gujarat, while during this elections, he felt that people themselves were contesting.

Mr Modi said, he was in dilemma till yesterday, whether to attend this program or not following the gruesome fire tragedy in Surat but on the other hand he had to pay respect to his mother land. Mr Modi said, he also wanted to seek blessings of his mother and people of Gujarat before swearing in ceremony.

Speaking on the occassion, BJP president Amit Shah said, BJP has reached each and every home of the county due to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said that Modi government has given respect to the mothers and sisters by providing toilets to the crores of houses.

AIR Ahmedabad correspondent reports that Prime Minister will leave for Delhi tomorrow morning after night stay at Rajbhavan in Gandhingar. (AIR NEWS)

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