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PM Modi says entire nation is united in fight against Coronavrus


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said the nation is united in the fight against COVID-19. The Prime Minister said, people are at home during lockdown, but they are not alone as collective strength of entire country is with each one of them.

In a video message yesterday, he urged the countrymen to switch off lights of their homes on Sunday at 9 PM for nine minutes and light up diyas, candles or mobile flashlights to display the nation's collective spirit to defeat Coronavirus.

Prime Minister said, the country has to move towards light from the darkness created by Coronavirus. He said people should maintain social distancing, stay indoors and not form groups while lighting up the lamps. He said, people displayed unprecedented discipline and sense of service during the ongoing nationwide Coronavirus lockdown.

Prime Minister also said, the way people paid gratitude to those fighting against COVID-19 on 22nd of last month has become a model that is being emulated by other countries.
Replying to people on Twitter, Prime Minister said, everyday people need to be strong, together, take the right precautions and be self-disciplined. He said, peace, happiness, compassion in such times will be very valuable and what people will do on Sunday will further these.

The Prime Minister said, the feeling of oneness will strengthen the resolve in the fight against the pandemic. He said, in times of crisis, a simple gesture of solidarity can fill so many minds with a hope and resolve. (AIR)

57 Days ago