Press Release

Founded in 2015, the company is driven by the vision to promote wellness among Indians, and its diagnostic & chronic management plans have proven to be instrumental in disease reversal, and add upto 10 healthy years to one’s life. 


Technology-driven and well-being focused, Healthians offers highly trained phlebotomists and precision-driven labs to ensure accuracy and perfection in tests. The mission is to enable Indians in pursuing wellness from the comfort of their homes, and seamlessly avail for reliable testing services. 


Through its proprietary concepts such as, Health Karma, Health Tracker and AI-based reports Healthians bring the benefits of tech intuitiveness, helming its customers in living a better life. 


Beyond tests, customers are informed of future health trends along with medical recommendations, dietary and lifestyle advice, on the basis of test reports, medical history & lifestyle inputs.


Founded by Deepak Sahni, a self-taught serial entrepreneur, Healthians operates through a network of 10 labs. All samples are collected from home/office by a certified and trained phlebotomist. The samples are then delivered to the nearest lab where they are tested under 200+ quality standard checkpoints for error-free and accurate anatomy. The reports are verified by a pathologist before being delivered to a customer.



The company prides itself in being of utmost standard unmatched by any other health test service provider in the country. 


Healthians has raised over three rounds of funding from multiple investors including Health Start, Yuvraj Singh's investment venture YouWeCan, Asuka Holdings, BEENEXT, Digital Garage and others. Healthians has been recognized as 'Home Healthcare Brand 2018 by IHW' ‘Innovative Startup in Diagnostic Healthcare 2017’, ‘Healthcare Innovator Enterprise of the Year 2016’, and ‘Health & Wellness eRetailer of the year 2015’.

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