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Indian T20 League 2020 on FanFight: The Most Happening Fantasy Cricket App in India

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Playing Daily Fantasy Cricket Leagues on FanFight Feels Wow
Playing Daily Fantasy Cricket Leagues on FanFight Feels Wow

FanFight received a huge response from the users with more engaging features like Extracash, Gadget Pool and Mega Contest in Indian T20 League 2020. The Fantasy sports portal foresee a similar response for the upcoming events like Big Bash League, India vs Australia Series and Indian Premier League 2021. 
The Indian T20 League 2020 has come to an end. FanFight’s consistency and reliability has grabbed the attention of millions of subscribers throughout the tournament and the registered user base has now reached a whopping 6 million.

The Indian T20 League over the last three years has helped the portal acquire immense popularity and with it the most trusted userbase. FanFight has now scaled its way to the top as one of India’s leading fantasy sports platforms and the future looks extremely promising.

Innovative & New Features for Fantasy Players:

FanFight's astute vision has helped it become one of the most popular fantasy sports portals in the country. The user interface is impeccable, points system comprehensible and features which only draw users to play more and win more every day.

FanFight this season introduced Extracash, a feature that helps the portal stand out. What is Extracash? It's not 'bonus cash' but a better version of it. How? Fantasy players could only use a percent of bonus to join contests, but players can use 100% of Extracash to join any cash contests. It is as good as real money. Now that's one offer you can't refuse. And the users didn't.

Gadget pools have been a massive hit this season. Users join the gadget pool with only Rs. 10 and stand a chance to win gadgets like the iPhone, OnePlus devices, so on and so forth. Pick your teams wisely is a tag line the brand preaches. It surely is the way to win big on FanFight. Fantasy users also had the option of selecting up to 15 teams in the mega contests. More team combinations provide users with more chances of winning big and FanFight had their users covered in this aspect as well. The portal's user interface is probably one of the best and if you are a cricket lover, FanFight is the platform to try fantasy cricket on.

Sports, in general, took a backstep when the pandemic struck. Leagues were postponed and for a brief period, it seemed like sports would take a while to resume.

Overcame the Uncertainty during Pandemic:

Organizations, Football leagues and the other sporting fraternities figured safe methods and slowly but steadily sports got going. If your favourite sports team is playing, it is in an eerily empty stadium and constantly reminding us of the crisis. The pandemic affected the fantasy sports portals, but the platforms found ways to tackle this sports drought. FanFight, in particular, introduced Quiz, Throwback Fantasy to keep users engaged. A ploy that helped retain their users to a nicety. Football leagues began, West Indies travelled to England and just like that, our favourite sports, cricket and football were back.

"As sports returns after a lengthy pause, fans are itching to reconnect. Offline options are fewer and fantasy sports can play a crucial role in this.

Not just with sports but to enjoy sports with friends through private leagues and stuff will see an uptick. Overall fantasy sports will become a more integral part of the sport experience-- with newer formats, more engaging gameplay and more socially cohesive features on the apps that will help connect fans across the board" - said Akhil Suhag, CEO FanFight.

The Indian T20 Fantasy Cricket League brings in plenty of excitement and is undoubtedly the best T20 League in the world. The fantasy sports platforms anticipated a massive boom, but did this happen?

Going Through Indian T20 Premier League 2020:

There aren't many sporting leagues in the world that match the magnanimity of the Indian Premier League. Millions watch it and in a country like India, where cricket is no less than a religion, cricket pundits spring to life. Precisely what fantasy cricket portals need. Cricket fanatics watch their favourite sport and also have a chance of winning cash by using their cricket knowledge.

FanFight forecasted a surge but the numbers it managed smashed the roof. The tournament began with an absolute bang. The number of fantasy users went up by three times which also meant a colossal rise in the amounts deposited by the users. The competition grew sturdier and with it the winning amounts were also increased.

FanFight also introduced an innovative idea of daily Indian T20 Premier League quiz which also enabled cricket fans to earn more cash. The portal brought its A-game to the fore, made itself massively visible in the market and more accessible to the people all across the country. In simpler terms, Indian Premier League 2020 on FanFight has been a huge hit.

Continuous Brand Makeover:

FanFight was omnipresent during the Indian Premier League 2020. The number of fantasy users was bound to go up with the internet being more accessible. FanFight were pretty aggressive with their marketing strategies for the mega event.

The brand is well-known already, but the marketing ploys implied for the season only enhanced its popularity. "We always approach every Indian T20 League season bearing in mind, branding and performance. As far as branding is concerned, we'll be visible Digitally and on TV. Enhance our visibility to more masses through those sectors. Depending on the performances we'll also be looking at sponsorships for the future tournaments" - said Nishanth Amerneni, Marketing Head, FanFight, before the tournament began. The brand was visible on OTT platforms like Hotstar and also on the Star Sports Network. The hashtag used for the brand #FeelsWow is extremely relatable with the cricket audience and that worked in FanFight’s favour as well. Talk about brand makeover? FanFight worked its charm in the last two months and has now reached 6 million+ registered users. How does it feel when a strategy works to a tee? It certainly #FeelsWow.

FanFight eyes on the magic figure of 10 Million and with the upcoming cricket events like the Big Bash League, India vs Australia Series and Indian Premier League 2021 lined-up, it is only a matter of time.
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