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New book offers fresh insights into Tripuri cinema a marginalized film culture in India

Aloy Deb Barma, an accomplished author and filmmaker, has published a groundbreaking new book entitled "Cinema as Art and Popular Culture in Tripura: An Introduction," which provides readers with an unprecedented exploration of the film cultures of Tripura, a vibrant northeastern state in India. In the book, Deb Barma delves into the infrastructure and industrial practices that have shaped the recent emergence of these cinemas and investigates how producers of films and music videos have interpreted and shaped ideas about "regionality." Through his extensive research, Deb Barma provides a comprehensive account of the emergence and evolution of Tripuri cinema, while critically examining the infrastructure and industrial practices that have structured it. The book is a significant contribution to the field of film studies, as it challenges existing notions of cinema and its relationship to place, culture, and community.