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Rabi Season 2022-23:Over 187 lakh metric tonne of wheat procured by the government so far


A quantity of 187 lakh 86 thousand metric tonne of wheat has been procured by the government so far in Rabi Marketing Season 2022-23, benefiting about 17 lakh 85 thousand farmers with minimum support price value of over 37 thousand eight hundred fifty two crore.

Whereas, a quantity of over eight hundred sixty lakh metric tonne of paddy, including Kharif Crop of over 755 lakh metric tonne and Rabi Crop of over 105 lakh metric tonne has been procured so far, benefiting over 125 Lakh farmers with MSP value of over one lakh 68 thousand 720 crore. (IMPUT FROM AIR )

44 Days ago