Sri Lanka to impose national emergency from midnight


The Sri Lankan government has decided to impose emergency from midnight, a day after the bomb attacks hit churches and hotels.

The number of people killed in the serial blasts has soared to 290, with more than 500 people injured. Eight Indian nationals are among the 31 foreigners killed in terrorist attacks.

The decision to impose emergency in the country was taken at a meeting of the National Security Council to ensure public security. The meeting also decided to declare a national day of mourning tomorrow. The Sri Lankan government has sought international help to probe foreign support to the terror attacks.

The government said that a local religious group National Tawheed Jamaath is behind the attack.

Addressing a press conference, Cabinet Minister and Government spokesman Rajitha Senaratne said the international support behind the attacks is being investigated.

The minister said there were inputs from international intelligence agencies earlier warning of such suicide attacks and expressed regret that it could not be avoided.

Twenty-four local suspects have been arrested across the country in the connection with the bombings (AIR NEWS)

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