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Stalin demands review of Constitution to make it "truly federal"


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: There is a need for review of the Constitution to make it truly federal, DMK president and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin said here on Saturday.

Pitching for opposition unity across the nation to take on the BJP, Stalin said, "Individual voices here and there are not much of use. It should be a united voice. It is not enough if we are together only in a few States. We should stand united in all states. We should be an all-India force."

Addressing the CPI's Kerala State conference's session on federalism and Centre-State relations, Stalin said the friendship between the Dravidian and Left movements flowered from the days of the genesis of the two movements.

Outlining principles like federalism, State autonomy and secularism, he said, "Our ideals may be great! But for them to succeed, all the forces backing the ideology must come together."

He recalled the dismissal of elected Left and DMK governments, decades ago, in Kerala and Tamil Nadu respectively by the Centre invoking Article 356 of the Constitution.

"There is a need for review and re-appraisal of the Constitution. Until the Indian Constitution is amended to be truly federal, from the current status of quasi-federal, we shall not stop. We must continue to raise our voice and work towards our goal," he asserted.

On his Twitter handle, the DMK chief said: "Amid excessive centralisation of powers by Union BJP Govt, the demand for a review & reappraisal of our constitution in order to make it truly federal becomes more important. Our lofty goals can be achieved only if the progressive forces stand united & become an All-India Force." (THE NEW INDIAN EXPRESS)

65 Days ago