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Stranded in UK due to coronavirus, Actor Mahika Sharma feels ‘lonely and caged’


Actor Mahika Sharma has been in self-quarantine all alone in the United Kingdom following the coronavirus outbreak that has led to nationwide lockdowns all over the world.

“Even if India is in a 21-day lockdown, the air and the environment in the country pamper everyone of us. It feels good to be surrounded by your own people. It keeps you relaxed and boosts energy. However, in a foreign country, it is extremely disturbing. You feel very weird and uncomfortable,” Mahika said, opening up on how she is coping all alone in an alien country in the time of crisis.

“I feel awkward about returning to India because people will not like coming close to me. They will think I’m carrying the virus. I’m not able to understand what is happening all around. I feel lonely and caged,” added the actor, best known for her roles in TV shows such as FIR and Ramayan: Sabke Jeevan Ka Aadhar.


61 Days ago

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