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Talks underway to open India & Myanmar trade


NEW DELHI: Bilateral talks are underway to facilitate the opening of three border gates between India and Myanmar. These routes were closed since the onset of the Covid pandemic.  Since the pandemic situation is improving now, these three borders will shortly resume trade.

The three main trading camps on the India-Myanmar border are Tamu Trading Camps, Reed Trading Camps and Thani Talang Camp. The reopening of Tamu border gate is being awaited as it was used extensively for cross-border trade with India, say sources.

“The value of trade from Tamu Camp is close to $90 million. Trade had resumed partially but the volume and value dropped by half after India closed trade through the border in March 2020 following the outbreak of the pandemic,” say sources.

Myanmar exports agricultural products like betel nuts, pepper, beans and pulses and garlic to India. Whereas India’s exports include motorbikes and spare parts, cotton, wheat, chemical fertilizer and plastic raw materials. The other area from where trade is likely to reopen is the Reed Trading Camp. “The Reed Trading camp is prone to attacks by the armed organisations.

This camp was closed more for security reasons. However, the government in Myanmar says it is in control of the situation there, so this too will reopen. The value of trade from Reed Camp was close to $100 million before the pandemic,’’ sources add.


36 Days ago