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Teachers bear the brunt as anti-India hate campaign grows in Maldives


NEW DELHI: Maldives is presently witnessing a growing hate campaign against India reportedly fueled by opposition political parties and teachers are bearing the brunt of this campaign.

Official sources have so far confirmed two cases of harassment of teachers on the streets by groups who want Indians out of the archipelago.

The harassers shouted "India Out" slogans as they targetted teachers from India on two different islands. The teachers have requested safety for them at schools.

The Education Ministry of Maldives confirmed these two cases. The Ministry reportedly said on Sunday that Indian teachers from public schools of some administrative islands have been targetted by anti-India groups.

The origin of the hate campaign is stated to be the intensification of anti-India protests by the opposition parties led by former President Abdullah Yameen as they demand an end to the supposed presence of the Indian military in the archipelago.

According to a report in The Edition, "The ministry have also filed a case with the police since the Shaviyani Funadhoo School’s wall has been vandalized with spray paint, in a sign that reads 'India Out.'”
Permanent Secretary of Education Ministry Ahmed Ali told Mihaaru News that they received reports teachers from two different islands had been harassed in the previous academic term.

“We received reports that locals had called ‘India Out’ at Indian teachers on the road, and had called for them to leave the island as well,” Ahmed had said.

He criticized such behaviour in the harshest terms and said this was saddening to see, the report added.

According to the South Asia Monitor, Maldives’ Foreign Minister Abdullah Shahid last week expressed concern over the “India Out” which is fueling anger against hatred against a friendly country. 

Ties between the two countries are not based on a certain group or political party in the Maldives, Shahid said, adding New Delhi has always assisted the archipelago in every major crisis. 

Meanwhile, Abdullah Yameen’s party expressed “disbelief” over such incidents and accused the government of making “excuses to bring more Indian military personnel” in the Maldives. 


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