Tripura: Vegetable vendors in Agartala stop use of single use plastic


In Tripura, the vegetable vendors of Agartala’s Maharajganja Bazar took a bold step to dispense with the utilization of one-time plastic bags.

With the innovative initiation of the vegetable market committee along with every vegetable merchant in the market, the vendors took this decision 15 days back. Maharajganja Bazar is the largest retail market in the city where there is around 500 vegetable vendors in the vegetable market section.

Talking to All India Radio News, an executive member of the market committee, Nantu Pal said, they took up the step keeping in mind to curve the hazardous impact of plastic that affects the environment in all spheres and health of both humans and animals.

Earlier, in the vegetable market only, an average of 1000 Kg single-use plastic bags daily were being used. He further said, presently, no vendor gives their sold products in plastic carry bags.

The customers or buyers have to bring their own eco-friendly carry bags. He further said, it has also been decided to pull out the vendor from the market if any merchant is found using the banned articles in the market again (AIR NEWS)

161 Days ago