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Trump to propose merit-based immigration policy


Washington: US President Donald Trump is all set to announce today a new proposal to overhaul the immigration policy that would give preference to foreigners based on merit rather than preference to family ties. The move could end the agonising Green Card wait for hundreds and thousands of Indian professionals.

The new plan spearheaded by Mr. Trump's senior adviser Jarred Kushner, focusses on strengthening border security. It also underlines revamping the system of Green Card or legal permanent residency so that people with merit, higher degrees and professional qualifications could get easy access to the immigration system.

As of now, about 66 per cent of the green cards are given to those with family ties and only 12 per cent are based on skills. The Trump Administration intends to change this. Mr. Trump is scheduled to roll out his plan at the Rose Garden of the White House today. (AIR NEWS)

380 Days ago

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