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Uddhav Thackeray resigns as Maharashtra CM


Shiv Sena leader Uddhav Thackeray has resigned from the chief minister's post after the Supreme Court refused to stay the Maharashtra floor test. He has also resigned as a Member of the Legislative Council (MLC). He broke the news while addressing people via social media today. 

Uddhav said: "I have no regrets of leaving the CM chair...what I did was for the Marathi people and hindutva. In front of everyone I am announcing my resignation as the CM of the state." He also added that "People who were bestowed with positions by the Shiv Sena are now claiming to be angry with the party. Those who have been given so much today are angry. The common Sainiks who have received nothing stand solidly behind the party," Uddhav says.

The Ex CM thanked Sharad Pawar and Sonia Gandhi for their support and expressed his sadness over the presence of only four Shiv Sena ministers in the Cabinet meeting convened today. "I would like to say that neither the Sena nor the Congress objected to the renaming,".

In his address to the state, Uddhav says that he is satisfied that his government has renamed Aurangabbad as Sambhaji Nagar which was first espoused by his father Bal Thackeray. (INDIAONLINE)

48 Days ago