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Water Release for Ganesh Immersion in Anantapur


Water Release for Ganesh Immersion in Anantapur: Water from the Tungabhadra High-Level Main Canal was released on Friday to facilitate the immersion of over 200 Vinayaka idols in Anantapur City and its surrounding areas.

Until Thursday night, there was a shortage of water, with the exception of the Anantapur summer storage tank. However, water was released from the PABR dam into the high-level canal on Friday morning. Deputy Mayor Kogatam Vijayabhaskar assured that an ample amount of water had been released exclusively for idol immersion.

The municipal corporation had also made necessary arrangements at HLMC (High-Level Main Canal) and the summer storage tank premises to accommodate all the idols for immersion. In light of the immersion festivities, which were similar to those in Hyderabad, additional security forces were deployed at sensitive areas. The procession featured the main idol from Ganesh Circle, as well as other idols from the city passing through Ganesh Circle, the Clock Tower, and Srikantam Circles.

Special Water Release for Ganesh Immersion in Anantapur Traffic was managed by DSP Prasad Reddy, and there were long queues of vehicles transporting idols from various parts of the city, arriving at Ganesh Circle as part of tradition. Fire crews and security forces were stationed at the points of idol immersion to ensure safety. Also read: Passage of Women’s Bill Attributed to Strong Central Government, Says PM The post Water Release for Ganesh Immersion in Anantapur appeared first on Telugu Bullet. (TELUGU BULLET)

71 Days ago