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Women's Reservation Bill passed unanimously in Rajya Sabha


Women's Reservation Bill passed unanimously in Rajya Sabha, 215 votes were cast in support, not a single MP opposed.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Women's Reservation Bill (Nari Shakti Vandan Act Bill) was passed in the Lok Sabha with 454 votes. Asaduddin Owaisi and Imtiaz Jalil had voted against the bill in the Lok Sabha.

After being passed in the Lok Sabha with historic votes, the Women's Reservation Bill has also been passed in the Rajya Sabha with historic votes. After passing from the Upper House, this bill will now be sent to the President. After the President signs this bill, this bill will take the form of law. During the first phase of voting, 171 votes were cast in support of the bill. During this period, not a single vote was cast against the bill. In the second phase, 215 votes were cast in support of this bill and even even a single MP did not oppose this bill.

Earlier, during the ongoing discussion on the bill in Rajya Sabha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that “This bill will create a new confidence among the people of the country. All members and political parties have played an important role in empowering women and increasing ‘Nari Shakti’. Let's give a strong message to the country." Debate between JP Nadda and Mallikarjun Kharge during the discussion on the bill.

Earlier, during the discussion on this bill, there was a heated debate between Bharatiya Janata Party chief JP Nadda and Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge. In fact, JP Nadda said on women's reservation in Rajya Sabha that its effect will be seen in the 2029 elections. JP Nadda said that if this bill is passed today, then in 2029 women will become MPs on reserved seats. On this, Kharge said, I read a couplet of Kabir, “Do it tomorrow, do it today, do it today, do it now, if there is disaster in a moment, then when will you do it.” Kharge said that when women got reservation through Panchayat and District Panchayat Act, then why the women's reservation brought by the Central Government is not being implemented immediately. It is not our intention to take political advantage - Nadda.

JP Nadda said that I want to make it clear here that BJP's intention is not to take any political advantage here. Our aim is to truly empower women. If we wanted to take political advantage, we would have said that we will do it right away. Nadda said that this is the only way and this is also the shortest way. On this the opposition started saying 'no-no'.

72 Days ago